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2016 Ford F250 Super Duty

2016 Ford Super Duty is the bigger cousin of the most popular vehicle in United States, of course we’re talking about the mighty Ford F150. This super Duty truck doesn’t offer ass much luxury in the higher trims as its smaller cousin and it is mostly sold in fleets,but it also has some nice luxury offers that includes premium leather upholstery and MyFord touch infotainment. When it comes to new things added in 2016 model year, there’s a better heating system that is mostly sold in colder states and 4 corner red LCD warning lights that come as an  additional option. When it comes to competition main rivals of F250 are RAM 2500 and Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty.

2016 ford f 250

2016 Ford F250 Super Duty Exterior

We already mentioned the new corner lights, and one of the main features for this model or any other model from the F range is the new aluminum construction that lower this truck’s weight to only 33,200 and at the same time it makes it capable enough as much heavier trucks from its range. When it comes to dimensions and exterior features the truck is almost the same as the one from previous model year.

2016 Ford F250 Super Duty Interior

Inside the cabin there are a lot of differences depending on the trim level buyers choose. Higher trim levels,like Platinum for example come with wide array of luxury features including large infotainment touch screens and premium leather upholstery, while the lower trims have a Spartan look,basic vinyl upholstery and hand folding windows. Regular cab version can accommodate three passengers while the Crew and King Cab versions can take five or six, with two additional seats added.

2016-ford-f-250 sd-trunk-open_10502_122_480x360

2016 Ford F250 Super Duty Performance

Performance segment is not much different than in the rest of F range, although this truck comes with less engine options than the highly popular F150. There are two engines, one is naturally aspired and it comes with 6,2 liter displacement, 385 horsepower and 440 pound feet of torque. The other is bigger turbocharged V8 with 440 horsepower and 880 pound feet of torque. Both engines are paired with 6 speed automatic and they can come with front or all wheel drive. Fuel economy for this model isn’t available at the moment.

2016-ford-f-250 sd-front-seats_10502_051_480x360

Ford F250 Super Duty Price

Prices of this model vary depending on the trims buyers choose. Base version can be bought for only $33,000, while the highest levels Platinum trim of F450 starts from $70,000. Of course that’s the version that comes with all the goodies luxury f150 trims have.

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive Overview

This is the only Mercedes Benz electric vehicle sold in United States. It looks a lot like regular B class model, but it has some changes that make it more fuel efficient. It offers much less luxury than some other vehicles made by the same manufacturer, but that’s mostly because its size and electric powertrain doesn’t allow it to come with too many luxurious features.

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Route 66 with Nat King Cole and Bobby Troup Part 1

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One of the songs that celebrates The Main Street of America is “Get Your Kicks on Route 66″ written by Bobby Troup, sung by Nat King Cole, and later by dozens of other artists, including Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones. Everybody who knows a thing or two about American culture, gets the idea that the best two ways to immortalize something is to show it in a movie, or to dedicate a song to it.

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Some of the 2015 North American International Auto Show Debut Models

Here we will present you some of the models that are scheduled to debut on 2015 North American International auto Show in Detroit’s Cobo Center that starts on 12 January and will last until 25 January 2015. Auto reviewers predict that this is going to be the best NAIAS since 2008 Economic Crises.

So here is our short list of few 2015 North American International Auto Show debut models:

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2016 Mercedes Maybach S600 Interior, Exterior Styling, Performance, Price, Release Date etc.


Previous Maybach was discontinued in 2002. Benz needed 14 years to make the new model, which is directed t the people who want little more style and luxury, than regular S Class models offer. New model was presented a month a go on the 2014 LA Auto Show, and since than, everybody is talking about this vehicle as one of the biggest surprises of this big car fair.

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2016 Mazda6 Interior, Exterior Styling, Performance, Safety etc.


New model of this popular sedan was presented on 2014 LA Auto Show. It is one of the best rated sedans in the world currently, with very handsome exterior styling, great handling, nice fuel efficiency and much, much more. For 2016 model year this vehicle is coming with a slight refresh, which will hopefully start from changing interior plastic and introducing more detailed interior styling with better finish.

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2016 Mazda CX-5 Interior, Exterior Styling, Performance, Fuel Efficiency etc.


Like some other Mazda models the new CX-5 comes with cutting edge Skyactive technology which makes it a well refined crossover vehicle. New model was presented on 2014 LA Auto Show and it comes with the mid-cycle refresh, which includes: engine change and a slight updates in the interior and exterior segments.

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2016 Jaguar F Type AWD Performance, Interior, Exterior, Price etc.


Currently this is one of the most popular Jaguar vehicles, it was launched in 2012, as a successor of E Type. When it comes to 2016 model, it was first presented in South Africa ahead of 2014 LA Auto Show where this vehicle had its official debut. New model comes with more traction, better AWD and stronger acceleration.

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Cars from American Graffiti

Unlike the country where I come from, American young automotive enthusiasts have an advantage of obtaining a driver’s license when they are only sixteen years old. In addition to that it seems that since consumerism hit US finding a car to drive is one of the easiest things to do. My dad always told me that number of car accidents would fall to only 30% of the current number, if parents stop buying fast cars to their kids. He was always telling me that in France there are much less car accidents because French parents don’t buy cars to their children, and that their sons and daughters need to earn enough money to buy their first car themselves. That’s why French kids never drive fast.

I’m not so sure if this story was true, or it was just an excuse for him not to buy me a car. I remember going to a rich friend’s 18th birthday (which in my country is something like a sweet sixteen) bringing cheapest wine bottle in gift wrap and seeing used VW Golf Mk4 with a big red ribbon on its roof. Thinking, omg this is what i call a birthday present. If my dad was thinking like the rich dad who shows off his love with a used Golf, I would probably never like cars as much as I do now. Since collecting enough money to buy your first vehicle when you are 20 something is probably one of the first steps in becoming an auto freak. Guys and girls who got stuff like these for their birthdays, usually get fed up with them very fast.

So lets get back the US, wonderland where 16, 17 and 18 year old kids drive their own cars. Not the ones their daddy both them. One of the favorite American past times is cruising. Driving cars slowly around town, just for the fun of it. Doing that in groups, race each other on traffic lights and pick up girls and booze along the way. All that without thinking of fuel consumption, driving safety or any other thing accept which station to play on your car radio. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

One of the most iconic movies in which cruising is presented in the best possible way, in which one of the favorite past time activities of American youth is dissected to bits, thoroughly inspected and built back again from scrap like John Milner’s yellow ’32 Deuce Coupe.

So here are the cars from American Graffiti, photos and stories about their owners and drivers:

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2015 Kia Sportage Insurance Rates, Interior, Performance, History, Price etc.

Short History

First Kia Sportage model came in 1993, it shared platform and many mechanical parts with Mazda Bongo. First model was product of cooperation of Kia and Mazda/Ford, in which latter two brought innovative technology, while Kia provided cheap labor and assembling facilities. First generation model was sold until 2004, when second generation vehicle came out, on Elantra based platform which it shared with Hyundai Tucson. Third generation vehicle came out in 2010, and it is still in production.

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