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In this section you’ll be able to read articles that deal with some famous car stories. Sometimes those are going to be stories about some legendary models from history. Here we will mostly deal with the car’s history and trivia. You will also be able to read stories about some cars driven by celebrities, like Jim Morrison’s Shelby Mustang for example. In these articles we will try to deal with the relationship certain celebrity had with its car. This are is very interesting, because it gives us an insight in life of some music, movie or sports legend and in the bottom line it proves that those people are not much different than us. That they also like cars, high speeds and bumper stickers. Of course they have enough juice to make their car dreams come true.

We will also write articles about some legendary cars from different continents, markets and countries. Did you know for example that car named Hindustan Ambassador is one of the best selling cars in history? Of course you didn’t. This car that is almost totally anonymous outside India has been in production for over 30 years and it is one of the biggest symbols of independent India. Same goes with number of other models we’ve never heard about. Foreign markets update much slower than the American one, their factories also produce much less cars, which leads to each car getting some kind of cult status, while in United States only models that have been in production for few decades are celebrated like that.

In this section we will also deal with cars on movie screens and in songs. Is there anybody here, who haven’t heard about Mustang Sally? This famous song was one of the biggest and most successful commercials for Ford Mustang. Same goes for the General Lee Dodge Charger from The Dukes of Hazard. Series Breaking Bad became on of the most famous series ever, and each character of the series drives the car that somehow compatible with he’s or her’s persona. We also wrote an article about this master piece and the cars that can be seen in the series, and relations between characters and the cars they drive.

In the stories you can find in this section we’ll also remember some bright moments of American car market, also we will deal with some hard ones like oil crises in the sixties and seventies, economic crises in 2008 and government loans that were necessary to put some of the biggest American car manufacturers on their feet.

This is going to be the least technical and the most interesting part of this web site, we are happy to get any kind off feedback from you and to hear some suggestions for the topics that we should write about.

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