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Cars From The Wire Series Part 1

This is probably the best series I’ve ever seen, and since I haven’t found any article about cars that are driven by the main protagonists, i feel obliged to write this story that covers some really powerful vehicles that are perfect match with the characters who drove it . Like in case of The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, The Wire producers really put their mind into giving each main protagonist the vehicle that goes perfectly well with its character. Since streets of East and West Side Baltimore are places where you can spot numerous luxury vehicles with shinny rims, we’ll need to separate this text into few parts to put all the cars driven by the police, dealers, politicians and the ones Donut stole from who knows who. Presenting you Cars from The Wire Series:

Before we start with listing the cars driven by: Avon, Stringer, McNulty and the rest of the crew, maybe you would like to check out this series’s Wire: & All the Pieces Matter – Five Years soundtrack so you can read about all these cars and characters in the sound of Baltimore club and hip hop music.

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Route 66 With Nat King Cole and Bobby Troup Part 2

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New Year's Eve in Flagstaff and a big pinecone. Photo credits: Valleylifestyles
New Year’s Eve in Flagstaff and a big pinecone. Photo credits: Valleylifestyles

Flagstaff, Arizona

Would you like to go to Pluto? Me too, unfortunately there’s no highway up to there, but you sure can visit Lowell observatory in Flagstaff, place from where Pluto and its moon Charon were discovered. Small town in Arizona is not the only Flagstaff, other one is on its journey through space at this very moment, This place is called 2118 Flagstaff asteroid and although it doesn’t have railroad, demolition derby, symphony or lumberjacks it was named after the original Flagstaff, Arizona. This town went through a long journey from looking like a “third rate mining camp” as famous journalist Sharlot Hall called it on one of her bad days in 1901, to becoming one of the most important cultural oases in The Copper State, where 6 foot metallic pinecone is dropped from the roof of a hotel building as part of some strange New Year’s Eve celebration custom.

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Route 66 with Nat King Cole and Bobby Troup Part 1

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One of the songs that celebrates The Main Street of America is “Get Your Kicks on Route 66″ written by Bobby Troup, sung by Nat King Cole, and later by dozens of other artists, including Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones. Everybody who knows a thing or two about American culture, gets the idea that the best two ways to immortalize something is to show it in a movie, or to dedicate a song to it.

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Cars from Only Fools and Horses- Most popular British Sitcom in History

Only Fools and Horses are the biggest and the most popular British sitcom in history, and while we all know the main protagonists of the series: Del Boy, Rodney, Gran Dd, Uncle Alber, Triger, Boycie etc. Most of the people don’t know much about the cars seen in this series, accept the famous Yellow Peril three wheel van.

This series started broadcasting in my country when I was in elementary school, I watched all the episodes, TV movies and Christmas specials, and this was by far the favorite series of my childhood. So here I present you the list of most popular cars from Only Fools and Horses:

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Classic Car Fair in Belgrade, Serbia

We wrote about Cuba being a small treasure chest when it comes to classic US cars. Some really  nice classic models can be found in Eastern Europe as well. Serbia was part of Yugoslavia which had its own auto industry. Most famous models that came from Serbia are Yugo and Zastava Skala. Later was one of the most modern designed vehicles at the time, when hatchbacks wasn’t as common as today. Yugo was the soul product of Yugoslav automotive industry and in the nineties it6 was a victim of a really bad media campaign, with it being declared as the worst car ever, which was followed by numerous sarcastic portraits in various American movies including Die Hard 3. On the other hand it is hard to deny that Yugo was one of the European vehicles that was exported to the United States, unlike numerous other vehicles from Italy, France, Germany and various other highly developed countries.

Serbian old timer enthusiasts from time to time organize open exhibitions and rides around towns. One of these exhibitions was held in Belgrade few moths ago, and my friend Slobodan Rudic, who’s also one of the owners of Work and Travel Iskustvo web site was there with his camera, and he took some really nice photos of some really nice machines including one beautiful Ford Thunderbird, similar to the model seen in American Graffiti. So here are the photos from the classic car fair held in Belgrade few months ago:

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Your Car’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

What can you do for your car’s new year’s resolutions for 2015, here are some examples, on favorite things American people like to do when it comes to cars in the New Year, and 2015 is going to be no different.

Buy a New Car

This is the first and the best new year’s resolution we can think of. There is a great election of new models presented on LA Auto Show that was held few months ago, for example there are small SUVs, one of the most popular, functional and fuel efficient classes that is emerging. There are also a lot of classic still very popular crossover vehicles like Mazda MX-5. One of the class that is emerging at the moment and that’s proven to be very functional when it comes to both interior spaciness and off-road performance is the off-road capable station wagon, like Volvo V60 Cross Country, also presented on this year’s LA Auto Show.

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Cars from American Graffiti

Unlike the country where I come from, American young automotive enthusiasts have an advantage of obtaining a driver’s license when they are only sixteen years old. In addition to that it seems that since consumerism hit US finding a car to drive is one of the easiest things to do. My dad always told me that number of car accidents would fall to only 30% of the current number, if parents stop buying fast cars to their kids. He was always telling me that in France there are much less car accidents because French parents don’t buy cars to their children, and that their sons and daughters need to earn enough money to buy their first car themselves. That’s why French kids never drive fast.

I’m not so sure if this story was true, or it was just an excuse for him not to buy me a car. I remember going to a rich friend’s 18th birthday (which in my country is something like a sweet sixteen) bringing cheapest wine bottle in gift wrap and seeing used VW Golf Mk4 with a big red ribbon on its roof. Thinking, omg this is what i call a birthday present. If my dad was thinking like the rich dad who shows off his love with a used Golf, I would probably never like cars as much as I do now. Since collecting enough money to buy your first vehicle when you are 20 something is probably one of the first steps in becoming an auto freak. Guys and girls who got stuff like these for their birthdays, usually get fed up with them very fast.

So lets get back the US, wonderland where 16, 17 and 18 year old kids drive their own cars. Not the ones their daddy both them. One of the favorite American past times is cruising. Driving cars slowly around town, just for the fun of it. Doing that in groups, race each other on traffic lights and pick up girls and booze along the way. All that without thinking of fuel consumption, driving safety or any other thing accept which station to play on your car radio. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

One of the most iconic movies in which cruising is presented in the best possible way, in which one of the favorite past time activities of American youth is dissected to bits, thoroughly inspected and built back again from scrap like John Milner’s yellow ’32 Deuce Coupe.

So here are the cars from American Graffiti, photos and stories about their owners and drivers:

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How To Donate Car To Charity And Get A Tax Deduction


From now on our full reviews are going to get another section that’s going to deal with this topic. Since donating cars to charity became really popular practice, we are going to add section in which you will be able to see approximate fair market price of used older models of reviewed vehicles. In this article you can find information on how to donate car to charity and get a tax deduction.

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Songs About Luxury Cars

Elvis and his Cadillacs. Photo credits:
Elvis and his Cadillacs. Photo credits:

Vast number of music artist like to emphasize their status and wealth they earn through the music industry by mentioning the cars they drive. So is there anything more appropriate to mention in these kind of tracks than a shiny luxury vehicle? On the other hand there were a lot of artists who are much more socially aware and who mentioned expensive cars in their lyrics and use them to mock consumerism and their fellow celebrity artist who were cough the celebrity fever, and who over-emphasize their new status. So here you go, our Songs About Luxury Cars list:

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