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Here you can see articles in which we’ll compare cars. We usually make comparisons for the models of the same or similar class. We compare them in terms of exterior styling, interior styling, comfort and features, performance, price, car insurance rates and in the end we ask girls to decide which model do they like best. Similar as the ”What Do Girls Think About…? section in our car reviews. To get information about new and future models we use some really relevant web sites like:,,, and

Rivalry History

Since we mostly write comparisons of two market or class rivals, these cars sometimes have some greater rivalry behind them Some models even have long lasting feuds like Camaro and Mustang for example, but literately behind each comparison there’s some interesting story from the past. Since automotive market is one of the most competitive markets in the world, we’re not going to lack  juicy details when it comes to rivalry history.


Here we’re going to compare exterior styling of the cars we’re writing comparison article about. This is a little bit shaky ground, since the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we’ll try to be as objective as possible and to give you some expert designer quotes, but we can promise you total objectivity, so this section might get influenced by our tastes in cars.


It is easy to compare interior features and space inside the cabin and in the trunk. These are just figures and by comparing them you got a clear result which model comes with the most functional and comfortable interior. There’s also another dimension, and that’s interior styling which is similar to the exterior, and largely relays on tastes of the person that’s writing a review.


This section is all about numbers. Horsepower, pound feet of torque, engine capacity and fuel efficiency. all these are exact figures and it is really easy compare two models by looking at their engines. Another few segments that we are going to deal with in this part of every comparison are handling, breaking and suspension.


Exact figures once again. Of course we won’t only compare base version MSRPs, but also the prices of some higher trim levels as well as some additional options.

Car Insurance Rates

This a very important segment of any car review, but most of the car reviewers web site simply skip this. One of the reasons is that there are a lot of criteria that’s used in counting car insurance rates. Some of these criteria also deal with the age of the driver, earlier traffic penalties etc. The figures we write here are average insurance rates for each model nationwide, and we also provide average rates for some of the states. Sometimes its Cali and Texas being the biggest states, but sometimes we also provide rates of Ohio and Michigan being the least and the most expensive states when it comes to car insurance. We find rates on, and their helpful car insurance calculator.

What Girls Think, Which One Is Better?

In this section we usually ask our friends what do they think about the mentioned models. Sometimes the girls that we asked already drove mentioned models, sometime not. If they didn’t drove the model, their answers usually deal only with exterior styling, while if they do take the compared model for a few spins they usually gives us some really competent answers, which leads to wiping out the prejudice that girls don’t know stuff about cars. They do, and that’s why we ask them, and in addition to that since there are still a lot of people who buy their cars, to be popular and show off, girl’s opinions about this subject is more than relevant. All this makes this section on of the most important ones in the whole comparison article.

Here you’ll find links of the compare cars articles:

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