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Your Car’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

What can you do for your car’s new year’s resolutions for 2015, here are some examples, on favorite things American people like to do when it comes to cars in the New Year, and 2015 is going to be no different.

Buy a New Car

This is the first and the best new year’s resolution we can think of. There is a great election of new models presented on LA Auto Show that was held few months ago, for example there are small SUVs, one of the most popular, functional and fuel efficient classes that is emerging. There are also a lot of classic still very popular crossover vehicles like Mazda MX-5. One of the class that is emerging at the moment and that’s proven to be very functional when it comes to both interior spaciness and off-road performance is the off-road capable station wagon, like Volvo V60 Cross Country, also presented on this year’s LA Auto Show.

Give Your Old Car to Charity

This practice is not only going to help some charity organization to do their job better, but it also might bring you some really high tax deduction. You might notice that in certain reviews, we added a section in which we talk about how much tax deduction you are going to get if you donate some used model of the car in question to charity. It depends not only on the car’s price, but also on the way charity organization is going to use your car for. All the technical info about the process of giving your car to charity and getting a tax deduction is explained in this article.

Buy Better Car Insurance

People often save on car insurance, but then later they have some additional expenses after something bad happens, God forbid. Have you see how many crazy drivers are out there. Good car insurance is an essential thing you need to have if you even going to drive only from your house to church every Sunday morning. On our web site you can find a section in certain car reviews that gives you the average car insurance rates for the model in question and these rates are often presented by each state, since car insurance rates in America are very different from one state to another. Michigan is by far the most expensive state to insure your car, while Ohio s the least expensive one.

Buy and Old Car and Renovate It

This is one of the most popular hobby for settled car enthusiasts, but it is also very cool for younger people. You might knew that Kobe Bryant drives an ’68 Chevy Impala. We are not really sure if he made this car from scratch, probably not, but if you are not as rich as Kobe, you can do it yourself easily, especially with all the information you can find on different old timer forums and pages. You might want to renovate some iconic American car, maybe some that you’ve seen in some movie. The best movie where you can find some nice old cars to renovate is the legendary American Graffiti, first movie from George Lucas. In this article you can read about the most iconic old models seen in this movie. When you finish your renovation project you can join some of the drives old timer enthusiasts organize to give tribute to this movie and the sixties.




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