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2015 Toyota Sienna Interior, Performance, Price, Tax Deduction for Donating Used Toyota Sienna to Charity etc

2015 Toyota Sienna Overview

There are a lot of changes that come with this model, mostly being limited to the interior and exterior segment. Performance didn’t change much, but with all the new almost luxury features the new model Sienna comes with, it sure is one of the top picks in its class.

Toyota Sienna History

This vehicle is produced in Toyota’s Princeton assembly plant in Indiana since 1997. In the beginning it was much smaller than its competition, but later it grown in size and became regularly competitive even with larger MPV vehicles. Also it is the only mini-van that offers all wheel drive mode. Current model is a third generation vehicle, and the third generation line of this MPV received highly praised “Top Safety Pick” award from Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, that’s  like the best thing one MPV can get.

2015 Toyota Sienna
2015 Toyota Sienna. Photo credits:


Changes in exterior design are different depending on the trim level we’re talking about. Sportiest out of all mini-vans, Sienna’s SE trim received a new taillights, it also kept last year’s LED DRL-equipped headlights. Limited is the highest and most expensive trim level and for 2015 model year it received a new grille, it also comes with the later mentioned flashy headlights, and LE and XLE trim levels also received the same grille design.

2015 Toyota Sienna Interior

Most of the changes that we find in this model are part of the interior segment. It comes with new and better looking design and much more quality materials. This MPV is also a champion in cargo space, ia whole mini-can class. Its audio and climate controls are very nice looking, functional and easy to use. Seats are much more comfortable than in the last year’s model. This mini-van can accommodate 7 people or 8 if you add optional central seat in the second row. Cabin comes with much better soundproof than in previous years. Third row comes with enough leg and head room, seats can be folded and there is also heating and leather upholstery as a additional option. Sienna comes with Toyota’s Entune infotainment system that’s rated as one of the best infotainment systems available in the whole class.

2015 Toyota Sienna Interior
2015 Toyota Sienna Interior. Photo credits:



Sienna comes with powerful and fuel efficient 3,5 liter V6 engine, same engine we can find in the higher trim levels of Toyota Venza. It comes with the 268 horsepower output and 18 mpg of fuel economy in city conditions, while on the highway it can reach 25 mpg. Handling was a problem in previous years, but now it is much improved. It also comes with decent acceleration, the only problem are some reports that say that when hitting hard acceleration, the engine becomes very noisy.


Standard version of 2015 Toyota Sienna a.k.a. the L trim level can be bought for $28,950. Next is the LE trim level that costs $31,330, while the all wheel drive version adds another $2,500 to the regular price. SE and XLE trim levels cost $1,000 and $1,200 more and the highest trim level, Limited Premium can be bought for $45,020 or $46,150 for the all wheel drive version.

2015 Toyota Sienna
2015 Toyota Sienna.
Photo credits:


Main rivals of this great MPV are also very popular Honda Odyssey and Kia Sedona.

2015 Toyota Sienna Insurance Rates

Nationwide average insurance rates: L- $1,190, LE- $1,227, SE – $1,231, XLE- $1,676, Limited- $1,315

California insurance rates: L- $1,498, LE- $1,532 SE- $1,555, XLE- $1,676, Limited- $1,638

Texas insurance rates: L-$1,256, LE-$1,317, SE- $1,277, XLE- $1,368,  Limited- $1,408

Spunge Bob Toyota Sienna
Spunge Bob Toyota Sienna, made as a result of cooperation between Toyota and Nickelodeon. Photo credits:

Toyota Sienna Owners Manual Download

On this link you can download owner manuals for Toyota Sienna models made from 1998 until 2007.

How Much Tax Deduction Do I Get If I Donate Used Toyota Sienna to Charity?

These tax deductions are for used models in average state with 250,000 mileage.

1998 Toyota Sienna

LE- $643, CE- $617, XLE- $844

1999 Toyota Sienna

LE- $779, CE- $664, XLE- $969

2000 Toyota Sienna

LE- $887, CE- $738, XLE- $1,154


What Do Girls Think About Toyota Sienna?

Coming soon!!!

Toyota Sienna hot girl
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