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Cars From The Wire Series Part 1

This is probably the best series I’ve ever seen, and since I haven’t found any article about cars that are driven by the main protagonists, i feel obliged to write this story that covers some really powerful vehicles that are perfect match with the characters who drove it . Like in case of The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, The Wire producers really put their mind into giving each main protagonist the vehicle that goes perfectly well with its character. Since streets of East and West Side Baltimore are places where you can spot numerous luxury vehicles with shinny rims, we’ll need to separate this text into few parts to put all the cars driven by the police, dealers, politicians and the ones Donut stole from who knows who. Presenting you Cars from The Wire Series:

Before we start with listing the cars driven by: Avon, Stringer, McNulty and the rest of the crew, maybe you would like to check out this series’s Wire: & All the Pieces Matter – Five Years soundtrack so you can read about all these cars and characters in the sound of Baltimore club and hip hop music.

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