2016 Toyota Auris Spy Photos

Quick Review: 2016 Toyota Auris

2016 Toyota Auris Overview

There’s still not much information about this future vehicle online, accept the spy photos that were released not long ago. The new model is going to come with few updates in the styling segment. We still don’t know much bout the interior styling, but we hope that it’s going to be much different from the current styling that comes with really outdated design and features.

2016 Toyota Auris Spy Photos
2016 Toyota Auris Spy Photos. Photo credits:



On spy photo that were released future model is seen with camouflage on front fascia and rear end. This means it will probably come with redesigned front and rear bumpers. Grille might be changed as well, and the headlights will definitely receive a new shape.


Interior styling of current model is one of the most outdated styling in the whole family hatchback class. It comes with nice color scheme, but a lot of hard plastics. From interior features only thing that’s worth mentioning and that shouldn’t be changed is the infotainment system that’s place on the central console and comes with touch screen display. It can be found in upper trim levels. Other than that there’s nothing worth mentioning. It comes with digital clock, that is placed too far from the driver seat.


This model comes with wide variety of engines. The most fuel efficient one and the one with the highest output is the hybrid powertrain that is consisted out of 1,8 four cylinder engine combined with electric engine. Petrol engines are smooth and responsive and 1,3 liter diesel engine doesn’t offer much when it comes to power and acceleration. When it comes to fuel efficiency the highest return comes with the hybrid version that is able to reach 78 mpg in the combined driving conditions. Fuel versions come with 50-something mpg return, while the diesel version returns 72 mpg in combined conditions.


There’s still no information about the price of 2016 Toyota Auris. If you decide to buy this vehicle from United States you will need to pay shipping and custom charges which will make this vehicle much more expensive and since we are talking about family hatchback, there’s probably not too many reasons why to buy this vehicle if you live in the States. For European markets this model will probably be promoted on 2015 Paris Motor Show, while there are still no information about when this vehicle is going to arrive to European showrooms.


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