gm ignition switch recall

27 Deaths due to ignition switch malfunction in GM vehicles

gm ignition switch recall
gm ignition switch recall

Detroit News reported that at least 27 people died and 26 injured until now due to ignition switch malfunction in certain GM vehicles. GM is expected to cut off all the vehicles with these malfunctions until 31. December, so it is possible that more people are going to be affected with flawed switches.

GM appointed famous attorney Ken Feinberg, who is going to give the sole judgment on every filing claim. Until today more than 1,371 claims have been filed, out of which 78 applicants claimed for death benefits and 85 for serious injuries. Out of all these claims only 62 were approved, 27 for death benefits and 25 for serious injuries.

Since this process is very thorough, each claim being evaluated for a long time, followed by an interview with applicants, we can expect more death and serious injuries claims being accepted until the December deadline.  GM is expected to pay at least $1,000.000 for each accepted death claim, together with $300,000 to each spouse and children of the deceased.

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