Car Statement is a web site that offers all the information on new and future car models. Unlike most of other car review web sites we add a few more categories to our car reviews, so accept standard exterior/interior/performance segments you can also find some very useful and fun stuff written about an each new model. Here is the scheme, where you can see how our standard reviews look like:

Short History

Here you can find short history of car’s production, generation changes, notable updates, awards etc. Everything that will give you the wider look on the current model and its updates. This way you will be able to see in which direction certain car is going and maybe even predict some future changes.

New Model Overview

Here you can find the most notable changes that come with the new model and


This is the section where we talked about exterior design and features of the new model.


Here you can find informations about interior styling, comfort and features.


Here we talk about new model’s engine and its capabilities, this paragraph also contains information about transmission system, exhaust etc.


Here we talk about the most notable rivals of the model in question.

Price and Release Date

Here you can read about the price and release date of the new model. Often the model’s price haven’t been revealed yet, in those cases we usually give an prediction of the future price, same goes for the release date. In these cases we point out that’s only our assumption, so you don’t need to stick to it in counting your future car budget.

Insurance rates

In the section we write about car insurance costs of the model in question. We will write insurance rates for each trim level and offer two insurance prices, one for Michigan which is officially the most expensive state to get your car insured and one for Ohio which is the state with least expensive car insurance rates.


In this section we will write some popular trivia about the model we are talking about. Which celebrity drives it, in which movies it is possible to see vehicle we are writing about, is it mentioned in some songs etc.

What Do Girls Think About It

Very important section. We usually do a little research, and we ask few of our girlfriends what do they think about the model in question. Since almost 90% of expensive cars is bought because people want to show off, we think that this is one of the most important categories in car reviews.




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