2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive Overview

This is the only Mercedes Benz electric vehicle sold in United States. It looks a lot like regular B class model, but it has some changes that make it more fuel efficient. It offers much less luxury than some other vehicles made by the same manufacturer, but that’s mostly because its size and electric powertrain doesn’t allow it to come with too many luxurious features.

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive Exterior Styling

Exterior styling is also largely affected by the small dimensions of this vehicle and it doesn’t allow some larger and more aggressive details to be installed. It comes with the famous Merc nose, twin bar grille design and three point star we all love in the middle. It is rolling on 17 inch alloy wheels and it comes with full LED headlights.


2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive Interior

Although some luxury features have been removed because of keeping this vehicle’s weight at the minimum, this hatchback still has something to show even among the Mercedes cars. It comes with three zone climate control and the triple vent that came redesigned for this mode year. It is placed on the central console, together with the telematics  screen which comes with power meter on the right side, which doesn’t come with the regular B class models. This power meter shows the flow of energy in and out of the battery and the current state. Central console continues in between front seats and it comes with flip ashtrays, cupholders and plenty of working space for a vehicle of this size.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive in New York 2013 (Word Premiere at NYIAS 2013)

When it comes to features this car has everything a regular Merc models come with. It comes with 5,8 inches big telematics display with built in navigation, USB connectivity and mbrace2 In-Vehicle Technology Suite. It also comes with the full array of safety features including cruise control, active parking assist and much more. It also features special electric system that enables the owners to view charging via My Mercedes Electric Vehicle Homepage.

Seats and comfortable and supportive and they come with 14 way power adjustability and three position memory.

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive Range, Engine, Performance and Fuel Efficiency

New model comes with electric motor that is reasonably powerful and comes with 134 horsepower. It is powered by 28 kWh battery made with Tesla technology, as well as the charging system that offers real quick charge. In only two hours with one 240 Volt outlet this vehicle able to pull enough energy to drive next 60 miles of all electric range.  Full all electric range is 115 miles.

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