New Range Rover Off Roader

New Range Rover off roader, is it really a possibility?
New Range Rover off roader, is it really a possibility?

For some time now we are listening the rumors about Jaguar-Land Rover’s SVO division is going to release a new Range Rover model that’s going to be a real off-roader meant for the toughest terrains. In last few years we saw a lot of interesting projects from this manufacturers, last one that was presented some time ago was the new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Rumors about new Range Rover off roader version are present for over a year now, but now there is something that sounds much more official, and that’s the SVO chief John Edwards statement to Auto Express in which he said that Range Rover Sport SVR and Range Rover Holland&Holland are going to be redesigned by the SVO. Few weeks ago there were rumors about last Land Rover Defender being released as the off-road vehicle and then going to retirement. New Range Rover off-road version is maybe going to come as a replacement for the off-road Defender, after one year.

Luxury image Range Rover brand was building for decades now doesn’t really fit with an off-road version, but since SUVs and trucks are becoming more crossover like, Land Rover might want to go in the other direction and won the hearts of old off-roader enthusiasts who miss the good old bumpy rides through the sand, mud, gravel and over the rocks in a off-road luxury piece.

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