2X Vision Gran Tourismo New Race Car Concept From Chevrolet

2x Vision Gran Tourismo teaser
2x Vision Gran Tourismo teaser

Chevrolet Chaparral is the old racing team that achieved great success, it was combination of Hap Sharp, race engines provided by Chevrolet and Jim Hall. This team became one of the most innovative squads in the whole racing history. They are mostly known for their ground effects pioneer work.

This year’s Vision Gran Tourismo party brought the old squad together and the new model was made in cooperation between Chevrolet, Jim Hall and GM Advanced Design Studio. This vehicle is one of the examples of how far designers imagination can go and since this vehicle’s design wasn’t limited by some market standards it looks crazy futuristic, even for the Vision Gran Tourismo party.

This was followed by thorough press release from Chevrolet, in which they are describing history of Chapparral team, together with little gallery of 3 most famous cars driven by this team: 2, 2E and 2J. 2X Vision gran Tourismo is going to have its premiere on 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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