2015 Mercedes Nomenclature Change


After Infiniti and Cadillac another luxury cars manufacturer decided to change model nomenclature. 2015 Mercedes nomenclature change will makes things much easier and more understanding when it comes to this manufacturer’s range.

From now on all SUV and crossover vehicle’s will start with “G” and the rest of the name will stand for the class lines vehicle is based on, for example:

GLA- New small crossover based on the A Class Merc.


GLE- M Class, a.k.a. ML

GLE Coupe-Another new model that’s just went throughout the first testing.

GLS- Current GL Class, will now become the S Class of the Merc, SUV line.

Other changes include few roadster models like SLK becoming SLC and introduction of one letter abbreviations for special features like fuel cell, CNG , hybrid power train etc. Here is the new list of abbreviations:


D- Diesel

E- Electric

F- Fuel cell

H- Hybrid

Another change when it comes to Merc.’s range nomenclature is the introduction of Maybach name, as the name for the luxurious S Class vehicle.





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