Audi R8 Production Moved To The New Assembly Plant

New Bollinger Hofe plant
New Bollinger Hofe plant

Audi moved the hole production line of its top supercar models from its old Neckarsulum factory to the new Bollinger Hofe plant that’s finished this year and it is only four mile fr from the old one. New plant is small, but it is much more compact, since in the old factory this vehicle was produced in separate different areas, while in the new one, everything is concentrated into one place.

This is just the small part of Audi’s plan to invest more than 30 billion dollars in its facilities worldwide and the Neckasulum factory will get more than 800 million dollar of investments. Part of this money will be invested in the new Bollinger Hofe plant which already has a huge and very modern logistics center, capable of working with 4,500 containers daily and it will carry the whole Audi R8 production.

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