Renaultsport RS 01 spotted while doing high speed test drives in Monza

Renaultsport RS 01 testing in Monza
Renaultsport RS 01 testing in Monza

Renault will soon start selling its a new race car line. New vehicles has been spotted while testing at high speeds in Monza and unlike  most of the other race cars that came from Renault Sport Technologies, this vehicle is not going to be linked to Clio or Megane. It is based on its original platform and named Renaultsport RS 01. It comes with a 3,8 liter V6 NISMO engine.

Renaultsport RS 01 was revealed for the first time on Moscow Motor Show, and at this time it is going through some tough tests before it is going to be send to the showrooms.  Its engine resembles the one we can find in Nissan GT-R, but comes with much more power and acceleration.

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