BMW M Series Supercar, Might Be Just Around The Corner

BMW supercar

BMW has one of then widest lineups in the whole automotive world, only thing the certainly do miss is a supercar. Of course they have an I8 model, but that’s a hybrid supercar, made with all-world technology. For some time now BMW is thinking about adding a classic supercar to their line up. Now they announced that their M Series is probably going to be the series in which this new experimental project is going to land.

Unfortunately there is another problem involved. Although M Series Head of Product Development Carestein Priest, told the Auto Express journalist that his division is more than interested to add a supercar to their line up, they need to listen to the directives of BMW’s top management, which has another priorities. We all know that supercar development draws huge funds, and since BMW invested a lot in making I8 and I3 in recent years, we’ll probably need to wait for another few model years, until the BMW M Series supercar starts rolling down the fast lanes.

In this class the other German manufacturers have their candidates. New BMW’s vehicle would be a good rival to the Audi R8 and Mercedes AMD GT.

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