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Classic Car Fair in Belgrade, Serbia

We wrote about Cuba being a small treasure chest when it comes to classic US cars. Some really  nice classic models can be found in Eastern Europe as well. Serbia was part of Yugoslavia which had its own auto industry. Most famous models that came from Serbia are Yugo and Zastava Skala. Later was one of the most modern designed vehicles at the time, when hatchbacks wasn’t as common as today. Yugo was the soul product of Yugoslav automotive industry and in the nineties it6 was a victim of a really bad media campaign, with it being declared as the worst car ever, which was followed by numerous sarcastic portraits in various American movies including Die Hard 3. On the other hand it is hard to deny that Yugo was one of the European vehicles that was exported to the United States, unlike numerous other vehicles from Italy, France, Germany and various other highly developed countries.

Serbian old timer enthusiasts from time to time organize open exhibitions and rides around towns. One of these exhibitions was held in Belgrade few moths ago, and my friend Slobodan Rudic, who’s also one of the owners of Work and Travel Iskustvo web site was there with his camera, and he took some really nice photos of some really nice machines including one beautiful Ford Thunderbird, similar to the model seen in American Graffiti. So here are the photos from the classic car fair held in Belgrade few months ago:

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