Announcement: On 2015 Geneva Motor Show Lexus Will Come with GS F, LF-C2 and a New Concept

On 2015 Geneva Motor Show Lexus line up will include:

– European debut of performance vehicle from Lexus F Division, named GS F.

– European debut of the new convertible concept version LF-C2.

– World premiere of another concept vehicle.

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There are still no information about which is going to be the new concept version. This is going to be revealed on the press conference that’s going to be held on 3rd March on 4211 stand on Geneva Motor Show.

Other two vehicles are already known by American customers and they include GS F, four door coupe that is going to come with naturally aspired V8 engine and incredible output of 477 horsepower and 390 pound feet of torque.

Another vehicle that’s going to be promoted in Switzerland is the LF-C2 concept vehicle. This is a convertible roadster, with 2+2 seating layout and numerous styling features that reflect future plans for the whole Lexus brand.


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