Takata air bags

Another Air Bag Recall

National Highway Traffic Safety Association released a new statement about another air bag recall of more than 2,1 million vehicles. These vehicles are made in the beginning of 2000’s and are made by Fiat Chrysler, Honda and Toyota. Here we give you the full list of recalled models:

Acura MDX

Honda Odyssey

Dodge Viper

Jeep Grand Cheeroke

Pontiac Vibe

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Avalon

Toyota Matrix

There were more than 40 cases of air bag deployment in these models although none of it has been crashed. This is the second airbag recall in the row for these models, since the same vehicles were part of the big Takata recall one year back.

Both automakers and the government agencies will release more data on this subject in the next few weeks. NHSA administrator Mark Rosekind stated for the Auto Blog magazine:

“This is unfortunately a complicated issue for consumers, who may have to return to their dealer more than once. But this is an urgent safety issue, and all consumers with vehicles covered by the previous recalls should have that remedy installed. Even though it’s a temporary solution until the new remedy is available, they and their families will be safer if they take the time to learn if their vehicle is covered and follow their manufacturers’ instructions. A hassle is much better than a family tragedy.”


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