2015 NAIAS: 2016 Mercedes Benz C350 Plug In Hybrid

2016 Mercedes Benz C350 Plug In Hybrid Overview

This model is one of the first plug in hybrid vehicles from this manufacturer that is going to be sold in United States. It was presented at 2015 North American International Auto Show. This model will be followed by ML or GLA Hybrid Crossover on the American hybrid market.

2016 Mercedes Benz C350 Plug In Hybrid Interior

When it comes to interior styling this vehicle is not going to be much different than other models from C Class. This means it will come with a standard level of luxury Mercedes Benz is famous for. It will come with Pre-Entry Climate Control which will be able to set the temperature inside the vehicle before the ride starts and passenger enter.

2016 mercedes benz c350 hybrid

2016 Mercedes Benz C350 Plug In Hybrid Range, Powertrain, Performance

New model comes with 2,0 liter four cylinder engine which is combined with electric motor and 6,2 kWh batteries. This powertrain is combined with seven speed automatic transmission and it comes with the total output of 275 horsepower and 443 pound feet of torque. It can be driven in all electric mode, if done so it comes with the maximum speed of 80 mph and 20 miles of all electric range. If driven in some of the regular modes it can reach 130 mph of maximum speed and it is able to reach 62 mph in only 5,9 seconds. It comes with a few driving modes including: Hybrid, E Mode that is all electric and  Save Mode which is able to charge the battery while driving on the gasoline engine.


This vehicle powertrain also has a haptic accelerator pedal. It is able to make an artificial resistance point in which the car can switch to the gasoline mode, but then if the car goes through this point it will go back on the all electric or hybrid mode.


Monica Wise and Mercedes Benz C Class
Mercedes Benz C Class and a hot babe. Photo credits: Chron

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