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Cars from Only Fools and Horses- Most popular British Sitcom in History

Only Fools and Horses are the biggest and the most popular British sitcom in history, and while we all know the main protagonists of the series: Del Boy, Rodney, Gran Dd, Uncle Alber, Triger, Boycie etc. Most of the people don’t know much about the cars seen in this series, accept the famous Yellow Peril three wheel van.

This series started broadcasting in my country when I was in elementary school, I watched all the episodes, TV movies and Christmas specials, and this was by far the favorite series of my childhood. So here I present you the list of most popular cars from Only Fools and Horses:


1. Reliant Regal 700CC Supervan a.k.a. Yellow Peril

This is the most recognizable vehicle from this series, and it became a character itself. It adds a lot of humor to every situation Trotter brothers go through. With a recognizable yellow color and New York-Paris-Peckham inscription on the side replicas of this van are often seen in car museums and tourist resorts where Britons go on vacation. More than one yellow van was used in filming the series, this is very obvious starting from the fact that in various episodes van comes with different plate numbers. Some of the most recognizable scenes where the yellow van shows all its power and roar are scenes when Rodney and Nervous Neris are high speed cruising around the city, or when Trotter family is trying to do a four minute warning drill.


2. Jaguar E Type a.k.a. The Boycie’s Jag

Boycie is a ridged car salesman, and there’s no car that better fits a guy like that than the Jaguar E Type.Truth is Boycie never bought a Jag for himself, but for his mistress (bit on the side), and he need Del’s garage to keep that car safe and away from Marleen’s curious eyes. Del borrows Boycie’s Jag to show off in front of the girls in West End. Unfortunately the car got wracked by the guy who drives a Cortina Del sold it to him.

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3. Crayford Cortina Convertible a.k.a. Crapy Cortina Del sold to Australian guy

This is one of the best selling cars in UK in the seventies and it plays one of the lead rolls in the eighties Only Fools and Horses episode, almost ready for scrapyard, without any brakes and with the oil warning light that doesn’t turns off, until Del takes out the light bulb. In this episode Del shows his talent for selling crappy cars, that is as good as the ones the greediest American car dealers have. He sold crappy Cortina as the high luxury vehicle, with leather upholstery made from the leather of an endangered African antelope and owned by only one owner, wicker who used it to drive to his parish once a week. He sold it for 199 pounds.


4. Lord Ridgemere’s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow a.k.a. “… And where do you think they get them from then, out of a Christmas cracker?…”

When Trotters arrive at Lord Ridgemore’s house after towing his wife’s car Del uses parked Roller to prove Rodney that the woman they towed lives high life. He shows him the car after Rodney states that nobility isn’t as rich as they used to be.


5. Mike The Barman’s Ford Escort a.k.a. ”Mike, Your Car Is Pretty Nippy, You Do the Following…”

Mike’s fast Ford Escort didn’t do the trick after it got hedgehoged by the police, Ambulance van which carried Del gang’s gold and money got away, since Yellow Peril wasn’t able to keep track with it.


6. Miss Daisy’s LaSalle Convertible Sedan a.k.a. Del and Rodney’s Miami Escape Plan

After running from the wise guy’s house, Del and Rodney run away in a classic LaSalle Convertible Sedan driven by the lovely old lady called Miss Daisy. This is definitely one of the slowest escapes in movie television history.

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7. Del and Raquel’s Ford Capri Ghia a.k.a. The Pratmobile

Another filming mistake is connected with the affordable car Del bought from Boycie, 1980 Ford Capri Ghia MKII which later in the shows turns into MKIII and then MKIV. Raquel didn’t want her and Damian to drive in the Yellow Peril van so, for the purpose of driving his family Del buys this vehicle, instead of buying the Volvo for example. In addition to this fast and affordable Pratmobile Del gets an animal print upholstery in style of Cheech Marin.

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8. Rodney’s Rolls Royce Silver Spirit a.k.a. Rodney’s Roller

This is the nicest present you can get from your brother, Rodney buys Rolls Royce to Del with  “Del1″ plates. Del then buys his brother sandwiches in the Nag’s Head. “I’ll buy the sandwiches, cos you bought the Rolls.”


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