2015 NAIAS Debuts: 2016 Acura NSX

2016 Acura NSX Overview

Since Acura decided to discontinue its most famous mid-engine supercar, numerous rumors have been spreading about this vehicle’s big comeback. It happened in 2005 and since then Nissan GT-R became the most famous and popular supercar that comes from Japan. Old NSX didn’t offer to much when it comes to performance, but its 270 and 290 ponies combined with its light weight and low curb weight make it one of the fastest supercars on the market.

New model comes with much better performance and the new design done by engineers in Honda development center in Raymond in Ohio, while this vehicle’s production is going to be located in Marrysville, in the same state.

2016 Acura NSX on 2015 NAIAS. Photo credits: Motor Authority
2016 Acura NSX on 2015 NAIAS. Photo credits: Motor Authority

New model debuted on 2015 North American international auto show in Detroit, but it was seen already on spy shots, made during its testing on Nurburing in July and October last year. Before the new production version came out, 2012 NSX Concept vehicle has also been presented.

2015 Acura NSX Exterior Styling

New design is not much different than the 2013 concept version. It comes with a standard big Acura grille, there’s also a the same bumper configuration and air dams that are almost intact from the concept version. New model comes with a larger splitter and new metallic blades that separate the main grille and side intakes. In the front there’s also a different headlights design, LED lights with six stripes that replaces five stripe headlight configuration from concept version.

2016 Acura NSX in 2015 NAIAS. Photo credits: Motor Authority
2016 Acura NSX in 2015 NAIAS. Photo credits: Motor Authority

In the back taillights are almost the same shape as in the 2012 concept, it also comes with large side vents and diffuser inspired by motorsport. Profile view went through numerous updates, from the more pronounced cab-forward proportion to large and high placed side vents and front wheel arch vent. There’s also a new character line on the door.

2016 Acura NSX Interior

Unlike exterior styling, interior doesn’t come with a lot of similarities to 2012 concept version. Some of the best things from concept’s interior design are taken out, first and foremost the combination 0f premium Alcantra leather and carbon fiber surfaces. These surfaces are replaced with aluminum inserts and Alcantra is not as plenty as in the concept car, in production version it comes only in the seat stripe. There are also some nice upgrades as well. One of those is the new user friendly central console and newly designed climate control air vents.

2016 Acura NSX Engine

Honda didn’t say much about the new vehicle’s powertrain. We know it is going to be strong and we also know that it is going to be hybrid. After all Honda has been one of the biggest F1 engine manufacturers. We can expect something like an all new twin-turbocharged V6 engine, combined with internal combustion engine, three electric motors, lithium ion battery and rear based nine speed DCT. First two electric motors are going to be placed on the front axle, while the last one is going to be placed between V6 and DCT. When it comes to power we can expect a big increase, and the new NSX will probably produce more than 550 horsepower.

2016 Acura NSX Price

Honda’s been very shy when it comes to prices of the new supercar, it will be little bit cheaper than its Ferrari and Audi competitors, but we can also expect far higher price than its biggest Japanese rival Nissan GT-R. Expect new NSX to cost around $116,000.


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