2016 Toyota Hilux Rumors, Exterior Styling, History, Competition etc

Toyota Hilux History

This pickup truck was introduced in 1968. Since the eighties it hasn’t been sold in the United States and it was replaced by Toyota Tacoma. Its sales were continued outside US, in Europe, Asia and other markets. current model is a Seventh generation vehicle, with new generation vehicle on the way for the 2016.

2016 Toyota Hilux Spy Photos

Vehicle was spotted while testing in Southern Europe, by Top Speed spy photographers. New model was also spotted in Australia in close proximity of Ballart, where it was photographed by Robert Grove, photographer from Carsguide.com.au .

2016 Toyota Hilux Exterior Styling

This vehicle grew significantly for 2016 model year. It comes with wider wheelbase, longer and leaner body and longer rear overhang. Since it is smaller than most of other pickup trucks, including VW Amarok, and that in the convoy, that was photographed by Robert Grove were some other pickups as well including Amarok, Canyon and few others, this might mean that Toyota is putting this model on the test together with other models with longer wheelbase, which definitely confirms some of the rumors that are spreading around about new Hilux going to American market.

2016 Toyota Hilux Rumors

There are a lot of rumors about this vehicle’s big comeback to American market. Since there are numerous new entries on the market, and this class is becoming one of the most competitive ones with new: Nissan Navarra which is also introduced in US, new Honda Ridgeline, GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado, Toyota might need to add a new vehicle to its American line up, just to keep it fresh. Since pickup truck market is one of the most challenging out there, Hilux might be the thing Toyota needs to patch up its American offer.

2016 Toyota Hilux Performance

There’s still no information about the engine details of the new vehicle. It will definitely come with both diesel and gasoline engines and both manual and automatic transmission options. Manual version might not come to the United States, but is definitely going to be sold in Europe. We can also expect both two and four wheel drive version.

2016 Toyota Hilux Competition

In Europe the most fierce rivalry this model has with VW Amarok. In this battle Amarok comes with little more advantage since it has much roomier cabin and offers a lot more space than Hilux. This might be the reason for an interior update of current Hilux model, this and of course the possible American comeback, because US drivers like comfy cabins.




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