New Information About New Ferrari 458 Performance

New Ferrari 458  refreshed model is coming next year as the Ferrari M458-T, where M stands for Modificata (modified) and T stands for Turbo, since this model is going to come with a turbo powered engine in the next model year.

Ferrari 458
Ferrari 458

This definitely means that the production of 4,5 liter V8 is over and that the new model will come with something smaller, and probably more powerful. New engine is going to be smaller than 4,0 liter since new Ferrari models entered Chinese market which became one of the most prosperous markets for these grand tourers. In China there is a largely increased tax fee for the cars whose engines are bigger than this capacity.

Ferrari also needs to be careful, when it comes to power of its new turbocharged baby. Accept toppling the last year’s model, Ferrari M458-T also needs to compete with 641 horsepower of the new McLaren 650S, which means that the new model will come with at least 650 horsepower. It will also come with seven speed Getrag Auto transmission system which is the only one that’s able to manage the massive torque output the new turbo is going to produce.

There’s also a name question, since older versions were called 458 because of the 4,5 liter engine capacity. Since new models are shifting to 4,0 liter turbo they might change the name to 408 T, but since we’re dealing with Ferrari here, it is really hard to predict anything.

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