Anti-Tesla Bill Signed, With GM’s Support

While popular Anti-Tesla bill was still at the Governor’s table, another surprising news came out, directly from the GM’s headquarters. We all knew that GM supports Anti-Tesla bill in Michigan, but to support it with a statement is something we haven’t seen on the market before, even taking in consideration how competitive American auto market is at this time. Not long after this statement has been released, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder sign the bill.

Nobody knows why GM released this statement, some say that they did it to do a favor to the dealers, while others think that GM is considering Tesla one of its biggest rivals, not only in Michigan, but in whole US. Fortunately only in Michigan they have enough power to shift over the governor to the side of the dealers with just one official statement.

So Tesla Motors will be prohibited from selling their vehicles to the Michigan buyers, who’ll need to go to some other state to buy their vehicles. This came after a long lobbying campaign and a big support for the bill from most of the important figures among the Michigan Republicans.


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