Mercedes C Class Convertible Spy Photos Leaked

2016 Mercedes C Class Convertible Spy Photos, Photo Credits:
2016 Mercedes C Class Convertible Spy Photos, Photo Credits:

Mercedes C Class is getting a new family member. People were waiting for some drastic change in interior or exterior segment, but Mercedes surprised everybody and release a completely new model, that’s probably going to be sold as part of the 2016 model year line up.

This vehicle has been testing since September 2013, and it is going to be the first C Class Convertible model in last 21 years . New model is probably going to be revealed on 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and it will arrive in showrooms in the end of next year.

These photos are giving the best view on this model from all the earlier test drive photos that we’ve seen. New model will come with a classic C Class fascia, but it will also have some influence in exterior design that will come from the larger S Class, like light clusters for example. It is still a mystery, is Mercedes going to release the AMG version of this C Class convertible.

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