2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport
Land Rover Discovery Sport


2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport is the future vehicle that’s part of the reorganization of Land Rover line, which is going to implement some new models in next few years. It is a vehicle designed for leisure, and like its the case with Range Rover Sport it is the smaller and faster version of the regular Discovery. In June this year, it was in its final development phase, and a first teaser videos were released. One month later we’ve seen some teaser photos as well. New model was officially unveiled in the beginning of September.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport Overview

All indicators show that this is going to be one successful crossover. Its exterior and interior styling are one of the best on the market, and its price is more than affordable. One of the bad sides of this vehicle is that in US it is only going to be offered with single engine option, which is a little bit weak for the market, plus it comes with less off-road capability then regular Land Rover Discovery models sold in US.


Before we even heard about this model’s going to be released, we saw Discovery Vision Concept that show us which way are future Discovery models going to take, when it comes to exterior styling. It has a lot in common with Range Rover Sport, but also with a Range Rover Evoque, especially rear part of the vehicle, although this model comes as slightly bigger. Front fascia comes with much more aerodynamic look, but it also has a softer touch than some previous Land Rover models, which gives it more modern look. In the front it also comes with HID headlamps with smaller LED lamps set in circular shape around it, which was meant to give it a compass look, with some kind of ”World Is Yours” message. At the moment, new model is available in 5 colors, but we believe this list is going to become longer during next few model years.

In the chassis design Land Rover used some of the lightest materials available, from aluminum to boron steel that provides unbelievable strength and rigidness of the body shell. Also magnesium crossbeam that can be seen in Range Rover Evoque is added to increase the rigidness of the Disco Sport’s body.



In this segment Land Rover really did its best. First thing that amazed us was the cabin layout. They succeed to add another two seats inside the regular compact crossover cabin, although these seats can be used only by children, they still needed magic to fir those in there. Materials inside the cabin are more than premium, from twin stitched leather, to multi-zone climate control and a nice mood-lighting. It also comes with back row air vents that are placed on the pillars as well as numerous cup holders and other practical solutions. Middle seat row can be slide or reclined to provide more leg room for the third row.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior
Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior


Land Rover Discovery Sport has more things in common with Range Rover Evoque than just exterior styling. They also share the same engine, 2,0 liter turbocharged four cylinder that is able to produce 240 horsepower and 250 pound feet of torque. This engine will be paired with ZF nine speed automatic transmission. It comes with a patent that will make this vehicle start in second gear, so it can achieve better fuel efficiency, while the first gear is going to be used for slow speed on off-rod terrains.

For some tougher off-road terrains this model is equipped with Haldex All-Wheel Drive System which together with 8 inches of ground clearance and 25 inches approach angle can make this vehicle climb to an 45 degree steep slopes.


Taking all this in consideration, this vehicle is quite a barrgain, when it comes to price. It can be bought for $37,995 which makes it a second cheapest Land Rover after LR2 which is another $1,400 cheaper. This is the base version price, and we still don’t have price information for some higher trim levels. Stay tuned, as soon we find out something new, we are going to post it in here.


Although Land Rover Discovery Sport and Jaguar CX-17 are both owned by the Tata Motors, they are on the road to become fierced enemies on the market, since these two crossovers are going to be built on different platforms. Another rival of the new model is going to be the Audi Q5 with his engines being almost the same as options that come with Disco Sport.

Car Insurance Rates For Land Rover Discovery Sport

Since this is a totally new vehicle we still haven’t got the exact insurance rates. The closest when it comes to engine capacity is the Audi Q5, whose base version can be insured for approximately $1,554. While in California insurance for this vehicle costs $2,016.

Its a Range Rover Sport phot, but since the caption of this photo was, quote:''Range Rover Sport Bikini Bangarang'' I needed to add it here, now I just need to find out what Bangarang means, I'm asking Google, as we speak...
Its a Range Rover Sport photo, but since the caption of this photo was, quote:”Range Rover Sport Bikini Bangarang” I needed to add it here, now I just need to find out what Bangarang means, I’m asking Google, as we speak…

What Girls Think About Land Rover Discovery Sport?

Girls we asked about this vehicle gave us few completely different answers. One friend that works as a hotel manager, told us that this model although looking like a capable off-road vehicle is also looking little bit too grumpy and self-centered. She sad that its face expression looks like its in the frown and its headlamps are too high up, which makes it like its looking everybody from above. Some other girls also gave us positive answers on this vehicle’s exterior design. We asked another hotel manager for opinion, and she told us that the first words that come to her mind when she sees this vehicle are: power and stability.




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