New Nissan Mini-SUV Teaser Released

Nissan mini-SUV teaser
Nissan mini-SUV teaser

Nissan released a teaser of its new concept crossover vehicle, that’s going to be promoted on the Sao Paolo Motor Show in Brazil on 28th October, 2014. Teaser photo is not revealing at all, but by the shape of it we can guess that Nissan is planing to promote the new mini-SUV, same as they did on 2012 Sao Paolo Motor Show.

This vehicle may have something to do with the 2012 Extrem concept. Nissan probably made this vehicle more down to Earth during these two years. Front fascia, which is the only part of the vehicle that we can see in detail looks similar to the cues we can see on Nissan Murano, while the roof visible on the new teaser has similar line as the one seen on Extreme concept in 2012 in Sao Paolo. So this is going to be another concept vehicle, but after another few months of tuning we can maybe see a new Nissan’s mini-SUV arriving at the showrooms.

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