LeBron James-Kia K900 New Ambassador

Lebron James Kia K900 New Endourser
LeBron James Kia K900 New Endourser

This is one of the rare occasions that some NBA Star approached car company and offered his promotional services. Reportedly LeBron James drove Kia K900 whole summer, and he was amazed how good this car was. He also shared a lot of photos of him and his Kia K900 model on his Instagram profile.

Kia accepted LeBron’s generous offer and made a partnership with him. Vice president of Kia United States marketing told Tom Chaney, told ESPN that Kia didn’t look for another promoter of their vehicles, but since LeBron liked their model so much they changed this decision and hired him, which brought them a lot of media attention.

One of the photos LeBron uploaded on his Instagram profile
One of the photos LeBron uploaded on his Instagram profile

LeBron said that he feels good about this partnership and that it’s real and authentic. This famous basketball player will drive this model to Cavaliers games and he will also do a few commercials, for that he will receive several millions dollars. He also is not going to be restricted from driving other vehicles.


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