Accusationst Against Honda Because of Takata Airbag Failures

Takata airbags failure
Takata airbags failiure

Takata Airbag Failures caused at least three deaths, when malfunctioned airbags released shrapnel inside the cabin in the moment of the collision. More than 12 million vehicles have been recalled because of this airbag malfunction. This company produced airbags for Honda and a lot of other car manufacturers in the beginning of 21st century.

Now new accusations against Honda that they haven’t been reporting lawsuits because of these malfunctions to the National Traffic Safety Administration. Until today GM and Toyota have reported more than 1,700 claims, while Honda reported only 28.

Although this manufacturer recalled more than 6 000 000 Honda and Acura vehicles, but they haven’t reported to the NHTSA that these recalls were made because of the Takara airbags. Also Honda is one of Takara’s biggest client, which can be a reason for keeping quiet about this airbag problem.

Public is concerned about certain manufacturers refuse to report incidents like this to the NHTSA, especially after the big GM’s ignition recall.

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