Two lawsuits against General Motors

General Motors lawsuits logo
General Motors lawsuits logo

General Motors have been hit by two lawsuits that are seeking class action status on the owners of Chevy Camaros and Pontiac Solstice vehicles that were recalled few years ago because of the ignition related malfunctions.

Less value Lawsuit is going to be covered by the bankrupt judge, but the larger lawsuit is going to be dealt by the regular court since it covers the vehicles made after GM stand on its feet in 2009. This lawsuit is targeting a loss in resale value of $2,000 on 2010 and 2011 Chevrolet Camaros and $2,900 on 2009 Pontiac Solstice.

These lawsuits against General Motors can be an example to the other 27 million owners who bought or leased  cars affected by their large recall, and it can decrease GM market indexes drastically.

Proof that these lawsuits are dead serious is the quote from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that’s mentioned in one of the lawsuits in which this association’s spokesman David Friedman stated that GM tried to firewall the investigators and that they forbid their workers to share information about ignition switch malfunctions. We still need to wait and see how these future court trials are going to affect this large company.

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