Governor Rick Snyder Decides On The Michigan Tesla Bill

Rick Snyder Tesla Dealers
Rick Snyder Tesla Dealers

Until now there are no information on whether Governor Rick Snyder will sign the controversial Michigan Tesla bill that will ban direct   sales of Tesla’s electric vehicles to consumers in this state.  Governor has a deadline until 21. October.

This bill is sponsored by the 66th District Representative Aric Nessbitt, and it passed through House in September last year.  Back then it didn’t mention Tesla Motors at all, and it was a bill made to regulate whether manufacturers can stop affiliated franchised dealers in charging their customer fees. On 1st October, bill passed the Senate and Tesla Motors name was added in the amendment.

At the moment, Michigan is one of the rare states that doesn’t have any Tesla store or showroom. Tesla’s decision to skip the dealers and sell their vehicles directly to their customers, brought a wide opposition among the car dealers. At the moment there is a big lobbying battle between dealers and Tesla Motors and other manufacturers who support the direct sales.  So the decision of Rick Snyder might have a big impact on the outcome of Tesla vs dealers confrontation.

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